Packing List For Costa Rica

It’s no secret why Costa Rica is such a popular tourist destination. With beaches on both sides of the country, dense jungle in between, and amazing food and nightlife, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. But, with tons of different options to fill your day, knowing what to pack can be a struggle. Travel Modern, a travel agency in Mountain Brook, Alabama, is here to help you prioritize and pack your bags!  

How to Pack for Costa Rica

Preparing for a trip to this vibrant destination requires thoughtful packing to navigate through its diverse climates and adventures seamlessly. Here’s your definitive guide to packing for a memorable Costa Rican escape.

The Right Travel Equipment Makes a Difference

When you’re starting to pack for your Costa Rica vacation, it can be a habit to grab your big suitcase and start stuffing. However, most of the time with a little planning, you can make this trip with only a few carry-on size bags. 

Packing cubes are a great tool to maximize space in your suitcase. The cubes come in different sizes and help compress clothing to fit more in a small space. These can be purchased on sites like Amazon for relatively cheap and can be used in future travel. 

A weather-proof backpack or other bag is crucial when traveling in the humid and damp environment that is Costa Rica. This bag can also come in handy while hiking and exploring Costa Rica. If you do decide to use a traditional suitcase or luggage, one with hard sides (as opposed to fabric) will fare better in the humid environment.    

Packing for Costa Rica

When are you going to Costa Rica? The rainy season lasts from about November- May. However, there are so many climates throughout the country you can find sun just about any time of the year. A visit during the rainy season will offer some of the greenest landscape and cheaper prices. No matter the time of year, plan for a mix of sunny days, rainy days, hot days, and cool nights. 

First things first, check your itinerary for what you plan to do (or the exciting things your travel Mountain Brook, AL agent has booked for you!). When traveling to Costa Rica, it’s less about when you’re going and more about what you’re doing while you’re there. Our biggest tip is to wear comfortable clothing with athletic fabrics: 

  • Athletic shorts, leggings, skorts 
  • Moisture-wicking tank tops and t-shirts 
  • Waterproof or water-resistant shoes for hiking through damp environments 
  • Sandals with a strap (rather than flip flops) for activities 
  • Rain jacket! (No matter the season) 
  • Swimsuits 

Just because we recommend packing light and carrying on luggage, re-wearing clothes in Costa Rica isn’t the best option. The high humidity means you’ll be getting sweaty fast, and nobody likes to be wearing stinky clothes. If your accommodations have a laundry service, take advantage of it! 

If your itinerary includes venturing up to higher elevations, keep in mind that the temperatures will be colder than at sea level. Pants, leggings, long-sleeve t-shirts, and light sweatshirts will keep you comfortable up high. 

Non-Clothing Items to Bring to Costa Rica

The damp, humid environment is great for plants, but it also invites bugs. Bug spray or wipes can help repel mosquitoes, gnats, and other flies. A bite is possible no matter how much you prepare, so some anti-itch ointment is also a good idea. 

A hat or two is another good idea when traveling to Costa Rica. A baseball cap is great for keeping the rain out of your face, and a wide-brimmed hat can keep the sun off your face and shoulders when lounging on the beach. 

Sunscreen is important no matter what your itinerary holds in Costa Rica. You don’t want to be miserable for several days by getting burned on the first day! Sunglasses are also important for hiking, biking, swimming, and more.  

Travel Staples for Costa Rica

One good thing that makes traveling in Costa Rica easy is they use the same outlets as the United States. There’s no need to take up space in your bag with bulky, heavy converters, and you can use the electronics you use at home with ease. 

Other items we suggest for Costa Rica that may not be on your radar are: 

  • A portable charger for your phone for long days 
  • A waterproof pouch, or waterproof camera
  • Lightweight beach towel
  • Collapsible, reusable water bottle 

Travel Modern: Your Costa Rica Experts in Mountain Brook, Alabama

If there is something very specific you want to do while in Costa Rica, your travel agent will guide you the whole way, including telling you if something special should be in your bag! Our team has traveled to all seven continents and has the experience and knowledge to pass on to you! Whether it’s Costa Rica or another exotic destination on your mind, visit us online to start planning your trip!

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