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Tailored Experiences In Greece And Beyond With George Eliades

We had the privilege of chatting with George Eliades, a seasoned professional in the luxury travel industry. George has a unique perspective on travel, having transitioned from a career in finance to curating incredible travel experiences for his clients.

As a travel agency in Mountain Brook, we were honored to hear some of his wisdom! Here, we’ll give you a quick overview of our chat with George, where we dive into his exciting journey and what he’s learned about the world of luxury travel.

A Transition from Finance to Luxury Travel

George started his luxury travel journey while working in finance, where clients turned to him for more than financial advice. One day, a client’s work obsession during a vacation made George realize the importance of work-life balance in travel. This led him to create a travel company focusing on this balance.

The Birth of “Seez”

George’s travel company, “Seez,” was born out of the idea that travelers should make the most of their precious time away from work. The name itself embodies this philosophy – seizing the moment to savor life’s experiences to the fullest.

George’s finance background shapes his approach to travel planning. He treats it like financial advising, ensuring the client’s budget aligns with their desired experiences and accommodations, emphasizing personalization over just booking a hotel room.

Building Relationships and Going Beyond Expectations

One of Seez’s key differentiators is its emphasis on building long-term relationships. George understands the importance of trust between clients and their travel advisors. He aims to provide clients with the information and support they need to make the best choices for their travel experiences.

Seez is dedicated to creating personalized itineraries that go beyond the ordinary. George and his team are hands-on in their relationships with both clients and suppliers, ensuring a seamless and exceptional travel experience.

The Rise of Athens as a Luxury Travel Destination

George shared insights into the evolving travel landscape in Greece, highlighting Athens as a standout destination. Athens has gained increasing popularity throughout the year, not just during the traditional high season. The city’s cultural richness, historical landmarks, and growing economy make it a top choice for luxury travelers. George suggests that travelers should consider visiting Athens during the off-peak months, such as November, December, March, and April, to avoid crowds and experience the city’s vibrant culture.

Exploring Hidden Gems and Going Against the Flow

George’s approach to travel is all about going against the flow and seeking unique experiences. He encourages travelers to explore less crowded destinations and immerse themselves in local culture. One of his favorite strategies is to take a boat to nearby islands that may not have extensive accommodations but offer authentic experiences and cultural immersion. Sign us up!

George’s Top Luxury Hotel Recommendations

George also shared some of his top luxury hotel recommendations, including:

  1. The Rooster in Antiparos: A boutique hotel offering a private beach and a chance to reconnect with nature.
  2. Kalesma in Mykonos: A boutique property designed to resemble an authentic Mykonian village, featuring a lively square for socializing.
  3. Amanzoe in the Peloponnese: This stunning property boasts small bungalows right on the water, providing an ideal setting for relaxation and exploration.

Travel With Purpose With Travel Modern

George emphasized the importance of having a knowledgeable travel advisor to curate your travel experiences. Someone who understands your preferences and can offer recommendations tailored to your unique desires.

In the ever-evolving world of luxury travel, George Eliades and his team at Seez continue to redefine the way travelers experience the world. Their commitment to building relationships, providing personalized itineraries, and promoting meaningful travel experiences sets them apart in the industry.

So, as Travel Modern plans your next luxury getaway, consider the wisdom of George Eliades: seize the moment and explore the world on your terms, but don’t forget to go against the flow to discover those hidden gems that make your travels truly exceptional. Contact us today to get started!

Learn More About George Eliades

If you would like to learn more about George and his company, check out his website and socials.

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