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The Wonders Of Ambergris Cay With Dinesh Kissoon

Join Travel Modern as we chat with Dinesh Kissoon, a warm-hearted hospitality guru. He takes us on a delightful journey through his adventures managing a private island resort.

Dinesh opens up about his journey into the world of hospitality, sharing stories from his vibrant career. He gives us a sneak peek into the island’s magical world, showcasing the cozy accommodations, inviting restaurants, and wonderful amenities that make this place a paradise. Imagine arriving in style and indulging in exquisite, all-inclusive gourmet meals that promise an unforgettable experience. Learn all about the island’s diverse visitors, from families seeking fun to couples looking for romance, and groups creating memories. He paints the picture of an ideal day filled with yoga, beach fun, and culinary delights. With a heartfelt mention of the dedicated staff, their commitment to excellence, and ongoing efforts to better this beautiful haven, Dinesh also touches on the sustainability practices and the tight-knit island family that makes it all so special.


  • Luxurious private island resorts with personalized service and exclusive amenities.
  • Private jet transfers, champagne greetings, and easy customs for arrivals.
  • Gourmet dining with curated menus and world-class chefs.
  • Suitable for families, couples, and groups with activities for all preferences.
  • Focus on sustainability: reducing waste, using renewable energy, and promoting eco-friendly practices.

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