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Capturing Memories Around The World With Francesca Onidi

Francesca Onidi, an enthusiastic Italian entrepreneur, shared her story of going from a childhood filled with travel to establishing a successful family business called Pix Around. Her life story is inspiring for those who crave adventure, creativity, and meaningful memories. As a travel agency in Mountain Brook, we were so excited to talk with Francesca and learn all about her business and experiences. Let’s recap the conversation!

Francesca’s Background

Francesca was raised in a hospitality environment and pursued a degree in tourism economics. She kickstarted her career in event management and later went on a 15-month backpacking trip. This journey allowed her to explore the world, connect with new cultures, and create a deep love for travel. 

The Start Of Pix Around

While traveling, Francesca’s husband surprised her with a professional photoshoot when she was expecting their first child. This experience sparked the idea for Pix Around, a family-run business that offers professional photoshoots all around the world. What makes Pix Around special is its blend of travel and photography, thanks to a team of over 300 friendly professional photographers across the globe. Pix Around aims to help luxury travelers capture those cherished moments during their journeys.

Francesca and her husband love working closely with travel agents, five-star hotels, and destination management companies worldwide. They prefer partnering with travel experts who share their passion for ensuring a seamless and joyful experience for their clients. Pix Around had its beginnings in 2015 and officially took off in 2017. Through collaborations and glowing reviews, the company has grown from a home-based venture into a trusted choice for travelers seeking special memories during their adventures.

Capturing Memories Worldwide

While Pix Around’s primary market is the United States, they offer their services globally. Popular destinations include Paris, Santorini, Mexico, and various Caribbean islands. They’ve recently added South East Asian destinations like Bali, Siem Reap, and Phuket!

Tailored Experiences and Quality Memories

Pix Around goes above and beyond the usual photoshoots. They offer tailor-made experiences, including multi-day photoshoots, proposal shoots, renewals, and even tourist parties. Their clients can expect exceptional service and top-notch memories to cherish. They also provide video services for clients who want behind-the-scenes moments or content for social media platforms like TikTok.

Pricing and Value

Pix Around’s smallest package starts at 499 euros, and it’s a great deal because you get at least 40 digital pictures. When you compare it to other services, Pix Around gives you both affordable prices and top-notch photography.

Francesca’s Travel Tips

We asked Francesca about her tips for travel since she’s an expert. She says when you’re planning a trip, try booking your plane tickets ahead of time to snag better deals. Also, don’t be shy—get to know the locals, discover those hidden gems, and soak in the true vibes of a place instead of sticking to the usual stuff.

Francesca is a big fan of waking up early to enjoy the peaceful and authentic side of a place before the crowds take over. She also says to leave at least one day without a strict plan, so you can just go with the flow and make spontaneous memories.

When it comes to food, Francesca suggests digging into the local cuisine and fully immersing yourself in the culture and traditions of the place you’re visiting. Forget the familiar stuff and go for the real deal for a super genuine travel experience!

Francesca’s top picks for travel destinations are Australia, New Zealand, Zambia, Sardinia, and Bali. She especially loves Bali for its welcoming atmosphere, making it an excellent choice for families traveling with children.

Wrapping Up!

Francesca’s journey from a dreamer to a successful entrepreneur is all about adventure, creativity, and following your passions. Her dedication to helping travelers make special memories with Pix Around is inspiring. Francesca’s travel tips remind us that the most amazing travel experiences often come when you explore off the usual path with an adventurous spirit. So, on your next trip, take her advice and embrace the unknown—because that’s where the real magic of travel begins! Get started today with Travel Modern.

Learn More About Francesca Onidi

If you would like to learn more about Francesca and her company, check out her website and socials.

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